Our competency-based training and experiential learning approach develop effective workers, managers and future leaders.

We specialize in developing managers and leaders for high performance organization. Our program is researched and designed for individual who aims to achieve high competency and excellent results, irrespective of their functional roles or positions in the organization. The flexibility of the program benefits everyone along the leadership/management continuum…

Asia Bigwave's training model exemplifies the key factors which support successful change management and sustained learning results.
Choosing the right program is not an easy task.
Our experienced consultants are always on hand to discuss specific development needs with you and advise on the best training option that yields highest learning return.
Training program is specifically designed and carefully researched to your company’s development needs in line with your corporate objectives and priority.
Competency-based approach is used where knowledge, skills and attitude element is incorporated in the learning.
Our philosophy is to deliver experiential and interactive learning methodology using combination of training aids.
We distinguish ourselves by rich subject contents, dynamic and fun-filled action-based learning experience.
An enjoyable and motivating learning may not be enough to ensure the knowledge and skills learnt will be transferred to the workplace.
Post course report and follow-up will be conducted to derive action plan to re-enforce the knowledge, skills and attitude.
Post course coaching, mentoring & training R.O.I. initiative can be developed upon request.
When learning is FUN, it is MEMORABLE.
We do not believe the 'touch and go' type of training is able to enhance competency. The ability to impart knowledge and skills, and influence attitude through interesting learning EXPERIENCE is our core competency.

We determine to build lasting RELATIONSHIP with our clients to remain as their most reliable organization development partner.

We know how to adapt global ideas to meet your local conditions. All our trainers and consultants are PRACTITIONERS with more than ten years of practical industry experience added with high academic credentials. They are able to bring to you the latest insights and best practices drawn from many successful organizations in the country and other parts of the world.

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