Companies get the most out of their people when the HRM rhetoric becomes part of their organization culture.

These are some of the common organizational challenges or issues that hinder the organization from moving ahead in the fast lap. We have solutions for you to achieve higher results!

Category Issues Actions Required Results Achieved
Team Development A company's business success is not solely dependent on the products and services excellence, but also on the ability of people to work together harmoniously and synergistically to achieve results. Identify personal and team strength, defining the motivation values of self and others, develop techniques for dealing effectively with people at all levels in all situations. Improved team work and motivation. Higher productivity and lower staff turnover.
Managerial Development How to become more international, how to implement strategy more effectively, to do more with less - and faster? The crucial equation is the relationship between business strategy and the people. Management retreat to derive strategic framework, implementation plan and monitoring process. Derived a strategic plan that integrates technology, people and process to achieve higher profitability.
Managerial Development Many managers are promoted due to strong technical or functional skills. Some of them are promoted rank and file. However they are lacking supervisory, managerial and coaching skills to lead a high performance team. Learn and apply the managerial theories. Acquire techniques to plan, lead, monitor and control the team. Enhance influencing and people skills. Managers are equipped with managerial skills and demonstrated leadership capability to spearhead the organization in the future.
Managerial Development How to develop staff to achieve higher competency level for PERMANENT results? Very often the training is short-term focus and staff is not able to deliver expected results even after the formal training. Learn the techniques on effective coaching for results. On the job coaching enable competency achievement in a permanent basis. Research showed that on-the-job coaching yields 500% of ROI. Effective coaching and mentoring skills enable supervisor to coach and lead an effective team, for sustained results and performance.
Managerial Development What is the most important managerial competency for success? We have been searching for years for answer. According to many researchers - EQ is the answer! Gain insights on the importance of emotion management, people relationship issues and conflict management. Higher team cohesiveness and harmony are achieved. High work morale correlates directly to organizational outputs and results.
Supervisory Development The transition from team member to team leader or supervisor is highly demanding. New supervisors have to become fully effective as quickly as possible. A fast track learning curve is essential and to avoid the pain from the school-of-hard-knock. Understand the roles and basic knowledge of supervision, manage the personal transition from team member to a team leader, identify own and team's key result areas. Smooth transition to higher position with clear expectations and immediate performance.
Succession Planning Powerful leadership seldom happens by chance. Functional competence and personal charisma alone does not ensure success in the role. Who are the potential successors and how to develop leaders? Using leadership profiling and assessment, potential of individual is analyzed. The high potential leaders need to be coached and trained in a more strategic context to unleash their full power. Selection, training and coaching process throughout the succession planning enable the organization to embrace the new challenges in the future.
Customer Service Customers are becoming more knowledgeable and demanding in the information age. How to go beyond customer service to achieve sustained profitability? Understand the customer care philosophy, master techniques to deliver service excellence and strategies to create a service oriented culture. Higher customer satisfaction, externally and internally. Strong customer relationship means more loyal customers and repeat sales.
Personal Effectiveness We are continually being asked to achieve higher levels of performance under increasingly tight time pressures. How to achieve higher results with multitasking, and less resource? Discover the techniques on how to make more profitable use of the time while retaining quality time for friends and family. Effective time management skills enabled more tasks being achieved at lesser time - towards lean and effective organization.
Personal Effectiveness The ability to speak or present is a crucially important skill for everyone who wishes to advance in his/her career. It is extremely important for the staff to speak with authority and poise convincing presentations to achieve better results. To grip this inexact science of speaking and to gain self confidence. Learn the practical tools to communicate with people effectively and with results. Higher productivity and increased sales results are achieved.
Personal Effectiveness Most of the problems occurs in the organization is not due to the lack of resources or finance, but it is frequently caused by COMMUNICATION breakdown internally or externally. Learn the arts of communications, techniques to minimize communications barriers and deliver the right message to communicate positively. Reduced communication barriers and achieve better results.
Personal Effectiveness People judge us by the way we write! Ability to write good Business English is a common problem among Malaysian Executives. It is vital to project a more professional image by honing our business writing skills. Discover the basic truths about business writing. Master the simple and concise methods to deliver impressive business writing such as letters, memos, proposal and etc. Produce impressive business writing work and increase professionalism.
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