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Those who have a track record of sustaining success, know that the learning curve never ends - There Is No Plateau.

The Competent Leader program is a custom training workshop for company's senior managers and decision makers to enhance their management insights as well as foresights, and to identify, address, and achieve a breakthrough in a subject matter that is most challenging and crucial to the organization.

The workshop will be facilitated by keynote speaker or subject matter expert who achieved worldwide academic recognition, and with practical hands-on experience in building leadership competencies and driving business success.

The topic of the workshop is determined by the organization's specific business need. The common training subjects covered are the following:-
Strategic planning & business review
Alignment and action planning
Culture change & globalization
Defining and delivering unique customer services
Leadership competency
Relationship-building and teamwork
Creativity and innovation

The customized Competent Leader program builds individual and organizational leadership capacity. It could be organized along with company's top management strategic meeting, management conference or retreat. It could be viewed as a prelude to the company's internal meeting to better prepare the decision makers
with the latest best practice knowledge relevant to the theme of the discussion.

The Competent Leader experience is truly transformational, empowering participants with:
A great understanding of the forces shaping the business climate;
An expanded view of strategic management as it relates to business operations, organizational structure, and competitive strategies;
Deep, practical knowledge and sound judgment for addressing day-to-day
A heightened level of management expertise for implementing the corporate
missions and objectives; and
Best-practice strategies to help ensure continued success in the global marketplace.

The breadth and depth of Asia Bigwave's specialist teams, outstanding access to international management development best practices, and clientfocused relationship management;
Full-service capability to identify specialized training needs and address
immediate challenges;
Design and deliver substantial learning and development solutions that can be tailored to specific geographic, cultural or linguistic requirements and for top level executives.


We work with you through the whole learning and development process

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