Interpersonal Skills & Managing Difficult People


It is important to manage yourself and the difficult people and situations that you encounter in the workplace.   It is estimated that management spends 80% of their day in people management – from customers to subordinates.  Understanding people and how to most appropriately deal with people is a learned skill.  

This interactive workshop will provide you with tips and techniques to enable you to improve interpersonal skills, enhance your effectiveness and your influence. You will gain practical guidance to manage conflicts and deal with difficult people tactfully.


Program Objectives

Understand the theory behind workplace behaviour
Discover how to minimize conflict and foster teamwork
Learn how to save time, energy and talent by improving the “people” side of your job
Forge positive working relationships with difficult or uncooperative individuals
Adopt a confident, professional and appropriate style when faced with difficult people or situations
Plan your personal strategy for dealing with difficult situations
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