Time & Priority Management


This program brings time to life through practical exercises, tools and techniques which show just where time is lost, how to develop the self-management and time management techniques to increase work effectiveness and work/life balance.

This highly practical workshop focuses on improved management of time and priorities. It shows how and where our time is lost.  Participants will be given proved tools, tips and techniques which challenge their approach to their workload, help them regain control and reduce stress

Program Objectives
Meet objectives and areas of responsibilities effectively and with less stress
Establish and overcome the causes of poor time management
Identify and deal with time stealers
Prioritize the tasks and the unexpected
Plan ahead and minimize the demands and pressures of job
Delegate tasks successfully to free up time
Implement new systems to eliminate time wastage and enhance work performance
Deal effectively with emails, paperwork, telephone queries and interruptions
Increase personal and team productivity to achieve a greater work/life balance



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