Office Management Skills For Administrative Staff


To be a competent Administrative or Support Staff, they must be equipped with the right skills to complement their supervisors.  Together, the support staff and their supervisors will have a successful working partnership. 

This program aims to equip support staff with the tools and techniques to enhance their ability to plan, organize and communicate in an efficient and effective manner.   They will be furnished with a variety of important skills that empower them more capabilities in accomplishing their tasks
Program Objectives
To gain an appreciation of the role of the office within the organization
To develop an understanding of your roles and responsibilities
Increase efficiency and effectiveness in the utilization of resources in the organization

To help promote better teamwork and develop positive attitudes towards office efficiency and work effectiveness for higher productivity
Improved ability to organize, plan, prioritize and self-manage
Identifying ways to problem-solve more creatively
Improved critical communication skills such as listening actively, and asking open questions to gather information
Developing strategies for managing difficult situations and people
Enhancing your professionalism in your approach of executive your job responsibilities
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