New Supervisor / New Manager Orientation Program


Becoming a supervisor or manager is hard enough. But making the transition from colleague to boss is an even tougher situation that comes with its own set of unique challenges. 

This program is designed for those who have recently been promoted into a management role and for those who have been there for a while but are having trouble managing their "buddies." Participants learn to set boundaries, run successful workgroups, establish goals and expectations, give performance feedback, address general supervision issues, and motivate staff.

Program Objectives
Describe the role of supervisor/manager and how it differs from the role of coworker.
Delegate tasks to others
Set SMART goals for themselves and others
Provide constructive feedback and follow up on goals and workgroup targets with subordinates
Counsel an employee who is not performing up to expectations

Describe appropriate ways of building a congenial work environment without crossing supervisor/coworker boundaries
Illustrate the impact of body language and voice tones on communication
Explain the four basic behavioral styles and how to adapt to each
Capitalize on personal style for more effective communication
List tactics for dealing with difficult behaviors
Develop an action plan to improve supervision and managerial skills
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